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R-290 is refrigerant grade propane that is growing in use due to its low environmental impact. R-290 is highly flammable and is only acceptable for use by the EPA in small charge applications. It is illegal to convert any existing ACR system designed for use with CFCs, HCFCs, of HFCs, to R-290, or any other flammable refrigerant. Always refer to the EPA’s SNAP List (Significant New Alternatives Policy) for a complete list of acceptable uses. Go to www.EPA.gov and search SNAP.

HC Fact Sheet  Hydrocarbon Refrigerant Fact Sheet
msds  R-600a Safety Data Sheet
R-600a Spec Sheet  R-600a Spec Sheet
R-290 and R-600a Equipment OEMs.pdf  R-290 and R-600a Equipment OEMs

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