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Hot Shot

Hot Shot®
Replaces R-12, R-134a, R-401A, R-401B, R-409A, R-416A, R-420A, and R-500.

R-414B is a Class 2 Ozone Depleting Substance and is subject to phase out.
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The operating characteristics you need.
Hot Shot® almost exactly duplicates the operating characteristics of R-12. Use it for low, medium, and high temperatures. Use it in autos, aircraft, and boats. Use it in air-conditioning and refrigeration systems—anywhere you used to use R-12. With Hot Shot®, there is simply no need to inventory multiple gasses.
No systems modifications required.
Using Hot Shot® requires no inconvenient oil changes. You’re good to go for the entire R-12 temperature range. Plus, no expensive parts retrofits are required.
Proven quality and performance. Hot Shot® is in use in thousands of vehicles and installations throughout the world. You can use it with complete confidence.
Safe and responsible. Hot Shot is classified by ASHRAE as nontoxic and nonflammable (A1) and is EPA/SNAP-accepted.

msds  Hot Shot Safety Data Sheet
NU22B Spec Sheet  Hot Shot Spec Sheet


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